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Connecting The Tokenized World

Kyber's decentralized liquidity network enables a new class of use cases by powering seamless transactions between individuals, ecosystems and dapps.

Our liquidity network allows both open contribution of liquidity from token holders and easy integration from other DApps and projects to leverage the contributed liquidity pool.

Fund Managers
Payment Systems
Token Teams
Financial Protocols
Swap Tokens Instantly With a Few Clicks
The easiest way to buy and sell tokens in a fully decentralized manner by tapping into our liquidity network
  • Simple. No orderbooks, deposits, or wrapping
  • Instant. No waiting for orders matching to happen
  • Secure. No middleman and transaction risk
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Powering Decentralized Liquidity For The Ecosystem
Platforms and applications of all sizes are tapping on Kyber's liquidity network to power their liquidity needs, ranging from inter-token payments to portfolio rebalancing.
  • Instant. Immediate inter-token settlements
  • Developer Friendly. Fully on-chain, all operations are transparent and easy to integrate
  • Diverse token pool. Open for contribution by token holders
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A New Standard For Democratic Token Sales
A well executed and widespread token sale is a crucial step towards building a robust stakeholder community who will support projects through thick and thin. It is also crucial for the ecosystem that token sales are inclusive and public-facing, preventing over-centralization of ownership.
  • Fully decentralized distribution. Secure, transparent with no middleman
  • Liquid contribution. Participants can contribute from a wide range of tokens
  • Widespread stakeholder building. Make the process much more accessible, safe and convenient
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Powering The Next Phase Of The Tokenized World

The tokenized world is set to explode in complexity, whether in terms of tokens, protocols or exchange needs. We are focused on making our liquidity network more diverse, interoperable and scalable to enable the next phase of the tokenized world.
Mainnet Launch
  • Announce Decentralized liquidity network
  • Support ERC20-ERC20 conversion
  • Announce KyberGO platform
  • Release Gormos details
  • Release more developer APIs
  • KyberGO launch
  • Support cross-chain
  • Opening up Reserves
Early 2019
Support advanced financial instruments
Launch Gormos testnet