Delivering a Sustainable Liquidity Infrastructure for DeFi
Kyber Network is a blockchain-based liquidity hub that connects liquidity from a wide range of sources to power instant and secure crypto exchange in any decentralized application without the need for an intermediary.
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Hub of Liquidity Protocols

Flexible Endpoints for Takers

Wide Range Of Options For Liquidity Provision
Through a permissionless system, anyone can contribute token assets to different liquidity pools and earn network fees in every trade. Kyber is able to cater to different types of liquidity providers and market makers, who often have specific needs when it comes to liquidity provision.
Flexible And Gas Efficient Taker Options
Takers (users, dapps, other integrations) have the flexibility to take liquidity directly from their protocol of choice or filter out sources they do not need. This means much lower gas used and flexible aggregation options.
Community-Driven Governance
The network is open source and governed by the KyberDAO, a decentralized community of KNC token holders who stake their tokens and collectively vote and decide on key network parameters.
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Why Kyber Network?
Decentralized finance needs decentralized liquidity, and Kyber is the key infrastructure that provides the necessary liquidity for the whole ecosystem of DApps to operate.
Kyber’s liquidity system is built based on 3 core design features
Straightforward Integration
Unlike off-chain systems, Kyber allows blockchain apps to easily integrate with its various protocols, saving time and resources.
Liquidity Aggregation for the Best Token Rates
Kyber ensures the best rates for aggregators by sourcing liquidity from multiple liquidity protocols.
Transparent and Verifiable
All operations are fully transparent and verifiable on the blockchain.

Most Used Liquidity Hub
in Decentralized Finance

As the leading liquidity infrastructure for the decentralized economy, Kyber is being used by many projects around the world for their liquidity needs.
Anyone can use Kyber to build innovative applications.

$7 Billion+
Total Volume
2 Million+
Total Transactions
Kyber Network Ecosystem
End User Token Swaps
Decentralized Payments
Decentralized Finance
Kyber Network will be the transaction layer for the decentralized economy, making seamless cross-border and cross-platform value flow a reality.
Our team has been pioneering the development of protocols that are widely recognized as being instrumental in the development of smart contract security, sharding research, and decentralized applications.
Kyber will enable a future where anyone who owns tokens, or buys into a tokenized hedge fund, can easily use these tokens in any context they want. In this future, one can use gold-backed tokens to buy a T-shirt in a matter of seconds, invest in alternative funds in a completely different part of the world or use tokenized real estate to buy jewellery for a loved one.
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