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Kyber Network is a multi-chain crypto trading and liquidity hub that connects liquidity from different sources to enable trades at the best rates .
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Why Kyber Network

Swap, Earn, and Build in DeFi Without Limits

For Traders


Swap tokens instantly at the best rates, with the best UX. Liquidity is aggregated from multiple DEX protocols, including Kyber pools.

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For Liquidity Providers


Earn swap fees and farm rewards by depositing tokens and providing liquidity with the highest capital efficiency.

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For KNC Holders


Stake KNC tokens to vote on governance proposals and earn KNC rewards from trading fees.

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For Developers


Build on DeFi’s most used liquidity hub. Kyber enables any application to integrate instant decentralized token exchange at the best rates.


How Kyber Works

Connecting Liquidity for Traders, Dapps and Aggregators

Kyber’s technology connects the deepest crypto liquidity from diverse sources to provide the best rates and maximize returns for everyone. Swap tokens, earn yield, and build the best DeFi applications with Kyber.


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What can be powered by Kyber

Wallets and Token Swap Services

Allow users to swap tokens without leaving your wallet application.

Decentralized NFT and Ecommerce Payments

Accept payments in a wide range of tokens while receiving in DAI, ETH, or any token you prefer.

Decentralized Finance

Seamlessly liquidate assets or rebalance token portfolios in a single transaction.

KNC and KyberDAO

Kyber Network is governed by the community through KyberDAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. KNC holders stake KNC tokens to vote on governance proposals that shape Kyber’s future and earn KNC rewards from trading fees.

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Backed by the best

Reputable projects are supporting the KyberDAO, either by providing an easy way to stake KNC tokens or participating in Kyber governance.

Battle-tested Reliability

Kyber’s technology has facilitated over $7B in trades and is audited and insured so users can trade, earn, and build with confidence.

Code Audited

On-chain & Open Source

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“Kyber is the biggest liquidity platform in the Ethereum DeFi space.Allowing developers to build their own financial services and products permissionlessly is one of Kyber’s many strengths.”

— Simon Kim, CEO

“Kyber solves the liquidity issue in the DeFi space, with everything run on-chain to guarantee full transparency and ease of integration..Kyber is the most used liquidity protocol.”

— John Ng, Managing Partner

“Kyber is already a cornerstone project. It provides liquidity for many transactions and applications. And liquidity is key to the entire decentralized economy.”

— Xinshu Dong, RockX Co-founder and former Zilliqa CEO

“We have been working closely with the Kyber team on their crypto-economic re-design and transition to a DAO with Katalyst. Kyber’s growth trajectory and breadth of integrations across the DeFi stack are impressive, as it evolves to become a liquidity protocol for the ecosystem.”

— Santiago Roel Santos, Partner at ParaFi Capital

“Working with the Kyber team has been an efficient and pleasant experience. They gave us professional and responsive support on every question we have raised regarding their trading contract and market making on the Ethereum network.”

— Max Meng, Founder

“DV Chain has worked closely with Kyber Network to help bridge the gap between traditional trading and DeFi. We strongly believe that the solutions Kyber is building are of great importance to our industry and to the future of the digital economy.”

— Garrett See, CEO

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