How can I convert or swap different tokens on Kyber Network?

KyberSwap, powered by Kyber’s on-chain liquidity protocol, provides fast, simple and secure token to token swaps through a simple and straightforward process. No order books and deposits are needed.

Users just need to log-in to the network using either one of the following means: Metamask, keystore, private key, or hardware wallet such as Trezor or Ledger. After which, select the token to convert, and the desired token from the drop down menu, and proceed. As soon as the transaction is broadcasted and confirmed, the transaction is completed.

Kindly note that the wallet address must hold a certain amount of ETH in order to pay for the gas fee (network fee in Gwei).

To easily convert your tokens, please visit:

You may also read our detailed guide on how to use KyberSwap.

Is there a way to swap tokens on mobile devices?

KyberSwap is available on mobile via imToken's IEX feature, or on the DApp browsers on wallets such as Trust and Coinbase Wallet.

Why doesn’t KyberSwap support order books?

KyberSwap allows for fast and secure atomic token swaps in a very simple, straightforward process. There are no order books because we focus on the usability of the platform and offer ease of use for end users and seamless integration for our partners.

Kyber’s design includes an open reserve architecture that allows anyone to contribute their idle token assets to our decentralized liquidity pool and earn from the spread in every transaction. These Reserves provide liquidity to the system by committing their spare token inventory to serve swap requests from users. These tokens become available for use across any platform that taps into the pool, making them instantly more liquid and widely usable. As such, there is no need for retail users to submit buy or sell orders. KyberSwap will provide users with the best rate based on all the reserves available.

Are my coins safe in Kyber?

Don’t worry, your coins are perfectly safe.

Kyber Network is highly secure as it runs fully on-chain and you are using your own private key. This means that Kyber Network never ever holds your funds. When you make a transaction, you send directly from your own wallet and this transaction is added to the blockchain. In addition, due to our token reserves system and a decentralized liquidity pool containing a wide range of tokens, you receive your funds immediately.

My coins haven't shown up! How long will it take?

Sometimes the Ethereum network runs slowly due to a huge amount of transactions, so the coins might take a while to reach your wallet. You may increase the gas price (Gwei) for faster transactions. Please continue to check whether the status of your transaction is pending or complete on

If the transaction status is pending, please wait for it to become successful. If the transaction fails, your funds are automatically returned to your wallet.

For the benefit of the entire decentralized ecosystem, Kyber Network is developing Gormos, our high-performance scaling solution to reach potential transaction speeds of around 10,000 tx/s, enabling even greater liquidity for the tokenized world.

The exchange rate offered was different from the one I received. Why did this happen?

Kyber Network provides an exchange rate that is offered at the current point in time, however this could change either in or against your favour between the time the transaction is propagated and when it is executed. To minimise the possibility of a change in rate we recommend using the standard gas fee rate Kyber offers or higher, a lower fee could subject you to a long confirmation time, particularly during periods of high congestion in the network.

Where do you pull the exchange rate?

We derive our exchange rate from multiple market APIs and maintain pricing through automated processes to ensure that pricing is always fairly valued at market rate.

Kyber Network reserve managers monetize via a spread between the buy and sell price when converting between tokens, this price difference is similar to a traditional exchange between the bid and ask rates. Reserve managers set spreads that are competitive while factoring in the platform fee and accounting for slippage that would occur in traditional exchanges. You will always receive the best rate offered by different reserve managers.

Why does Kyber Network need access to my wallet?

Take note that the Kyber Network does not hold your funds at any time.

Kyber Network allows you to connect to our liquidity pool using the following methods:

Metamask, UTC/JSON Keystore file, Trezor hard wallet, Ledger hard wallet, Raw private key.

If you do not have one of these wallets we recommend creating a wallet via My Ether Wallet by clicking here. Another easy method is by downloading the MetaMask browser extension found here.

Still unsure? We welcome you to send your feedback and concerns to [email protected]

Why does Kyber require KYC if it is decentralised? How do I know if my data is safe?

Kyber Network is based in Singapore and we seek to abide by all its laws and regulations. This is necessary to bring the benefits of decentralization to as many people as possible. Due to regulations in Singapore, KYC is mandatory for individuals who wish to token swap a value more than USD $3000 in each transaction.

We take KYC information very seriously and have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that your information is protected.